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Callaway Gable Quoted in Rangefinder

Brian Callaway

In the latest issue of Rangefinder Magazine, Brian from Callaway Gable is Quoted in Rangefinder about some of the latest trends in wedding photography. Specifically Brian is interviewed about the trend of using video light instead of flash. From portraits to detail shoots to reception moments - the video light has become an integral part of the studio's workflow. Brian and Allison prefer to use the Lowell GL-1 Hotlight because of its strength, temperature, zooming ability and variable strength dial. The picture of the cocktail below is an excellent example of how they use the GL-1 Hotlight to create moody and sophisticated detail shots by restricting the light. 

Go to Rangefinder Magazine to read the article. 


Rangefinder Magazine is the official magazine of WPPI. WPPI, or Wedding & Portrait Photographers International, is the world's leading wedding photography association.


There is a great rebate on the light. Go to the Lowel GL-1 Hotlight page to see more. To see more of our Hotlight images, check out the Callaway Gable GL-1 Hotlight Pro Gallery.