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Read what our students have to say about mentoring and learning from Brian and Allison Callaway of Callaway Gable

As wedding photographers, it’s so easy for us to default to the “safe” shot that we know will get nice results, and so lately I’ve been striving to make more interesting, dynamic work for my clients. The Callaway Gable Extraordinary Experience Workshop was just the right push out of my comfort zone. Seeing how they achieve such a variety of looks for their clients - especially seeing their process that leads to the really awesome, out-of-the-box work that their studio is known for - was majorly inspiring.

Inspiration will only take you so far, though, and so for me the most powerful part of the day was learning how Brian and Allison structure the engagement session and wedding day, breaking everything down into a strategic system. Following this system makes it safer to take chances on an interesting image because you have all your bases covered, even under the inevitable time pressure that we all confront at weddings. It’s also a great way to give your couples even more than they knew they wanted by creating a lot of variety in how you tell each part of the wedding day story. I’m looking forward to some very happy clients next year if I can really integrate this system into my wedding day approach. :)

Brian and Allison created a fun, collaborate environment in the workshop, and I am grateful for how open they were about any and all aspects of their business and shooting practices. I’m coming away excited to apply new techniques to my shooting and with a pretty hefty to-do list of ways to update my business. THANK YOU, Brian and Allison, for a fantastic day and for all the knowledge that you shared!!!
— Liz Lui
I can’t speak highly enough about the level of instruction I received from the dynamic duo of Callaway Gable, Brian and Allison Callaway. They were incredibly patient and really listened to my questions and took the time to answer them in detail. They pushed me to think outside the box when creating an image and showed me how to take it a step further.

I was able to show them my images and get clear, direct feedback from them on how to improve. The most important thing: they made learning fun! I never felt intimidated or embarrassed when I asked a question. I felt like they were completely invested in helping me succeed and build my craft. I cannot speak highly enough about both of them; they are the real deal and a total class act. If you ever have the opportunity to learn from them or attend their workshops, do everything you can to make it happen. You will not regret it.

On top of being world-class photographers, they are two of the neatest people that I have been blessed to meet. I wish them endless success in everything that they do and I am very thankful to have been able to shoot alongside them.
— Natalie Holloway
Brian and Allison taught us a lot of useful techniques and tips that help create stunning images of different looks in a very short period of time, which is invaluable for wedding photographers of any level. In their workshop, no stupid questions were ignored and no untold secrets were hidden. They made everything so easy to follow and understand, and their kind personalities really made the whole workshop such a wonderful and enjoyable experience that you will cherish forever.
— Qing Zhao
Learning from you both was unbelievable!! In just a few hours my perception of how to look through my viewfinder was changed forever. I wish that I had the words to articulate my gratitude.

The inspiration was profound. My husband and I have been saving diligently, hoping to someday have a photography business together, so watching you as a couple was invigorating. My husband shares the same fears that Allison described about becoming a full-time photographer. I would like to express how grateful I am to have heard her story.

In addition to sharing your creativity and instructing us on photography, your sincerity and candidness was unimaginable.
— Gloria L.
What a wonderful course! One of my favorites from Photoweek. Brian and Allison delivered us so much information and inspiration in the most entertaining way. I wish there were more time because they seem to have so much to share! I could easily watch them for a full 3-day course. I am so blessed to have been in the live-audience to learn how to enhance my engagement shoot experience for my clients. They offered us lots of tips to diversify shooting and posing clients, so that you are not stuck in the same couple’s poses and boring crops. I can’t wait for my engagement shoot tomorrow to put all of this to use! Thanks Callaway Gable!!!
— Kristina
I just finished watching your Creative Live Extraordinary Engagements and I have to write and say I think you both did a fantastic presentation. I have long been a CL fan and you were by far the best value for money. You gave SO much and came across as such warm, genuine people. I totally get what you mean about feeling the love with your clients and I get told a lot by my own, that they feel I was a friend rather than a vendor. Anyway, I was aware of your work before CL from Fearless so I’ve loved your work for a while but I just wanted to say thanks for doing the course. I loved it. Totally. All the very best to you both.
— Lynne
This hands- on workshop was not about what F-stop you should be at when shooting an outside portrait at 1 o’clock in the afternoon. This workshop is about opening your eyes and really connecting with your couples and creating a variety of unique images for that particular couple.

Something that resonated with me about Callaway Gable is that you CAN incorporate a multitude of different styles into what you do. Alison and Brian went through the formula of what they do and how to have fun whilst doing so!
— Erum Rizvi